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a big realization

alright, so thanks to your note (epona_dru), i've realized i'll never be a size zero (ya i knew that laready) but i realized that a girl thats a size zero will never have legs like mine...and therefore i'm happy...
still wishingi wasnt a 14, maybe im not really anyways....but whatever size i am, i will accept it, since...i look and feel great....ok im not all the wayy there yet, but im pretty damn close....and that makes me in the clothes i used to wear, my singapore jeans (actually they look really bad on my ass now....all baggy and stuff) and im pretty close to looking good in my summer 02 jeans, that were oh so hot....pretty close, like i can get them on and everything, i just have a bit to much flab that makes them not look so good...anyyways....when i think abotu it, last summer, i was about this size, and this weight....and i was in biikinis, i used to go to work in my bikini top.....and i wouldnt do that now....but i feel good

ya so moral is, my legs are awesome...and im glad i realized it
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